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who we are

Doria & Dojola is a Milanese brand that was born from merging the creative talent of Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design graduates, with the expertise of a Biellese cashmere and fabric Producer. Biella is situated near Milan and is known for being the world’s capital of luxury cashmere fabrication, which is where our scarves are produced using only the finest raw materials originating from dedicated farms with careful treatment of the animals.

what we do

Our ambition is to transform the scarf from an ordinary accessory, to a unique fashion statement. Through the combination of aspects from various creative industries like fine arts, fashion, product design and jewellery, we are able to create new forms expression with the scarf that ultimately blur the lines between each field. The first materialization of this was the development of jewellery designed specifically for the use on scarves and garments. On one hand, this aided the wearing experience of the scarf, and on the other was ornamental and created a different form of wearing jewellery.

As we value professional artisanship highly, this project was a collaborative development with the renowned Viennese Jewellery manufactory Schullin, where the pieces are handmade. It is our belief that working together with Pioneers of the industry manufacturing products unrelated to cashmere or scarves creates opportunities to conceive new and unexpected ideas. That is why we reach out to reputable brands known for their craft to develop scarves and accessories together.

why it matters

The advantages of creating long lasting and qualitative accessories do not only benefit the consumer, but also the environment. We only source the finest raw materials using sustainable and responsible practices. Subsequently, our products are fabricated by world-class professionals to the highest quality standards. As a result, we believe that our fashion is enjoyable for a lifetime and thus sets a counterstatement to the fast fashion model, which is pervasive in the industry.

Premium Quality Guarantee

All goods are Manufactured by Hand in Italy & Austria by some of the most skilled Artisans of their Field. The Animals used for fur production are never harmed and enjoy a high quality of life on private farms, which reflects on the resulting fabrics.